I have a thing for pregnant women, I always have. My chemistry teacher this year was pregnant and I couldn't stop looking at her and I could never focus in class. I failed the final in her class because I was always aroused seeing her big stomach, b****, and beautiful blue eyes.

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  • No woman can get double pregnant that's why I f ucked my sister for 5 months when she was preg. Pity my mom found out but we didn't give a flying f uck,. At first we f ucked when mom was home, then when mom found out, we f ucked when she was out.

    We f ucked after she had the baby to her boyfriend and then I made her pregnant again. We have a little girl together and our baby is 4 months old.

    I'm trying to find a way so my sis can change her surname by Deed Poll so I can marry her.

    We love each other so much since we've been f ucking.

    btw our parents know we have a kid together.

  • When my sister's bf found out he impregnated her he dropped her like a bag of sh it. She's was hor ny in first few months following that so I was the lucky guy to got to f uck her. She married another dude but we still catch up together for the occasional f uck and talk quite freely about those times.

    There is nothing at all wrong with incest and if there was a way we could marry we'd take up the opportunity and she'd pump out my kids.

  • When my sister was pregnant I couldn't keep my hands off her.

  • There is just something about a pregnant woman that turns me on. I like to suck on there nice t*** and give them oral I love it. But when you get older no one want's to play with you.

  • Loved it when my wife was pregnant. She went from being tall and thin to curvy with 50% bigger t*** and ass.

  • Banging a prego is awesome stuff. I loved f****** all my married friends wife's. Hey you can't do no harm then. It's the best time to hit that p****.

  • I loved making love to my wife when she was pregnant. Some of the best s** ever. Only thing is I found out she was having s** with at least two other men. One was an old boyfriend. She said that it was a great time to do it. The damage was done so she couldn't get pregnant. This made her extremely h**** wanting it all the time. Hey I should write about it on here. What you think? Should I share it?

  • May be because she is fertile

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