Best served cold so true

I'm a young 19 year old in college and I life with two really crude and nasty guys. They are older and do mean things to me all the time. Like they wait for me to come out of the shower and then snap pics of me as I towel off. They also tell other students that I'm a lesbian and now no boy will pay attention to me. They were so nice to me in the beginning but they were only pretending to be nice. It was too late as I'm now stuck with them for 6 months on the lease. Live and learn I guess. They have also pulled many childish pranks on me. Like putting shaving cream on my hand and then tickling my nose while I was asleep. They tried putting my fingers in a glass of water to make me pee. I decided that I would get back at them. So I took one from their book. I waited for Ryan to get out of the shower and I took a couple pics of him. Let me tell you he's got nothing noticeable up front. I have shared that pic all over campus. They now call him pee wee. Sean I decided that I would do something more drastic. I took a picture of him and put him on the campus gay dating website. Now his phone won't stop ringing. They have vowed to get even but I'm not through. They are going to wish they never let me stay with them. Yes revenge Is best served cold.

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  • Some one is going to wind up in prison. I just hope no one dies.

  • Yeah probably the guys she was rooming with. If they ever read this s*** they will kill that b**** dead as a door nail. I can tell you that judges frown upon what she is doing. Because it usually ends with someone getting murdered.

  • I'm walking around naked in front of my mothers boyfriend. He is like you losers. Old , fat, and lazy. I like teasing him. Just like I like teasing you guys here. Would you like to see pics of me naked? I might share some with you if your good boys.


  • Show me

  • I wish you would room with me. I need a new roomie. Well for next year. What college are you at?

  • Your lucky. The girl we had rooming on us we got so drunk that after she passed out we let everyone run a train on her ass. We would show you what you s***. Yeah your a s*** looking for it and we'd give it to you. GOOD!

  • What a dumb site. I couldn't even use the word S L U T in my post. Really the word SLU T ?????????

  • You'd be amazed what words aren't allowed. I don't know what the admins here are smoking, but they better pass that s***! Oopsie, made another row of asterisks. I'm so naughty. Tee hee

  • Where can I see the pics of you naked at? I've got a big old b**** now.

  • Your a diqusting old creep I would never allow you see pictures of me naked.

  • How about with clothes on then. By the way college girl you spell disgusting with a "G" lol.

  • Why don't you go and j*** off you old creep. Leave me alone. I'll report you for lude behavior you old FART!

  • *lewd. Jesus girl, go find a dictionary!

  • I really wonder what does it say that a girl who is supposedly in college can't spell. I think I spell better than she does.

  • Ok well I will go j*** off you send me some naked pics. Yes I am an old fart but I still can appreciate a nice young hard body.

  • Ok you really want pics of naked that badly? What are you wiling to do for them. How about you send me some money?

  • Hey honey sorry I was jerking off watching young girls with each other. Yes you want money well you tell me how much. But be reasonable cause there are plenty of hot hard young bodies will to send me pics for free. I'm curious to see how you look. If you look how I believe you to be. I think your just messing with me. Are you in fact a woman? Or just some bored punk with a pc and plenty of spare time. We shall see which though. I'm committed to see this through.

  • I was only messing with you. I would never sell or give an old geeser like you any pics of myself nude or otherwise. Did I take all the steam out of your sails? Oh poor poor man. Now j*** off thinking about my hot young body naked.

  • I figured you were yanking my chain. If you are even a girl? Probably some young w***** with nothing better to do. I bet money your a young guy. Probably a high school boy. Aren't you? Ok well enough of this cra p. I'm not enabling you anymore. You've had your fun so move along now.

  • Fuc K you old man. I am a woman. A young woman. You can't grasp that I'm well above the type of woman you could ever hope to get. I would have answered sooner but I was busy with a couple of my hot young girlfriends. They are laughing at your post you ole fool. Or should I say tool? I don't know why I bother to answer you anyway. So KISS OFF! Keep dreaming you could ever be with me. Let alone see pics of me naked. My one girlfriend said why don't you send us a picture of yourself in the buff so we can get a good look at you. She has this thing for old grandpa men. LOL.

  • Nah, I think I'll go read a book instead. That involves literacy and knowing how to use words, you wouldn't understand :)

  • B**** relax 😎

  • Shhhh...

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