My gf younger sister and I

I got a gf and her younger sister is always hot. My gf and her younger sister are sharing a same room. One day I was looking for my wallet which i misplaced it, I rush in the room without knowing she was naked inside the room, I am shocked and immediately apologized to her but she come to me and give me a hug and then proceed with a bj.. i was worried that my gf will come in and i immediately push her head away after a couple of minutes.. i acted like nothing happen, the next day her sister text me, ask if i dislike her.. i told her i like her but its too risky for me to do that.. we keep chatting to other until next week and she told me she just finished her period, she feels h**** and if i could meet her... at first i really scare, but i am attracted to her body and bj skills.. so we arrange to meet up at nearby hotel, she waited me there.. i went there to meet her and that day i came inside her 2 times.. after that first time we had s**, eventually we continue to meet each other and have s** at least twice a week until now.. i am addicted to have s** with her, she love me and really make me so high on bed.. most of the time she allows me to c** inside her.. i just hope that nobody will find out otherwise i might break up with her sister..


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  • Keep f****** them both as long as you can. It may explode on you eventually, but then so what? Take advantage of both c****. too bad you can't do them both at the same time. One s****** your d***, and the other s****** your a**.

  • Yes.. but i feel bad everytime i sleep with her sister.. i shouldnt do that actually.. but i cannot control for the first time and its too late to quit now..

  • And then you woke up

  • Little sisters are best when they are too young for a period

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