My sister in law

I confess. I reached puberty early and I had feelings for her at a young age but now she is married to my brother. She is married to my brother but I was in love with her before they got married.
Now 14 or 15 years later I'm still in love with her. She isn't even the most beautiful but before she married him we were the best of friends. She was a beautiful person and she made me laugh. Now she is the mother to my 2 nephews and a niece. But at the end of the day I still love her.
I still fantasise myself with her, being married to her and having intercourse with her. The other day her body looked so tight in this dress. Her ass was on fire, her b****** looked so delicious and her make up was on point. And when we crossed paths in the kitchen I just wanted to grab her ass or her b******. I wanted to grab her even though we weren't even alone in the kitchen. The thought of that day just makes me hot and bothered. But all I have is a s***** pic i stole from my brothers Facebook.
I dream she will be mine one day. I dream we will have intercourse one day. I tell myself I'm not jealous. I mean how can I be when I was already in love with her before she married my so called brother of mine. It's not my fault he stole my wife, it's not my fault he stole my life.
Sometimes I tell myself I'll get a better looking wife than her but at the end of the day I'm still a puppy for her. At the end of the day im still single and in love with her. I wish she was mine. I wish I could tell her. But all I can do is suffer. I'm dying on the inside and I have no one to tell. I pray one day they will get divorced so she can be mine. But I guess that day will never really come. I confess I'm in love with my sister in law sylvie.


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  • I just dont know how to tell her. I dont know how she will react when I tell her. I dont know how to get her alone or get her to listen. I'm so scared. That's why I pray they get divorced. I can wait all my life to have intercourse with her but I just wish she was my wife. I wish she was in my house, I wish she was in my bed and in my arms. I wish she was mine now so I could have kids. I'm 25 and she is 33. What do I do. I want to be selfish but I dont think I have it in me. I just need a solid plan so please help me. I'm drowning in love

  • I bet if you ask nicely she’ll let you feel her up. She sounds like a nice person. If you’re lucky, she might let you slip it in and let you have a few strokes. Don’t be afraid to ask.

  • Bro.....ask her promise that she will tell anybody, confess to her how much you love her and from when, make sure you pour your heart that she melt. If she refuse move on in life , atleast you offload your burden from your mind.
    May God bless you and she starts think about you.......

  • Does she know that you fancy her? If so, tell her about your feelings. Something good might be waiting for you.

  • Lol @ Sylvie 🤣😂🤣

  • Sylvie is her nickname

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