Sister and Brother

I'm 17 and my brother is 15. He is also gay. Or I think he is.

We share a bedroom, and a year ago, I walked in on him and he was f****** his ass with my d****. I just stood there watching then he saw me and stopped.

With a scaried as s*** look on his face. I just kept watching and suddenly I said "Do it again." He started and I my hand was under my skirt and I was masterbating, as he did it I came so hard I nearly fell over. My p**** was dripping from c****** so hard.

He looked at me and was holding his c***, it was hard and 6 inch long, and before I knew it I was on top of him and riding him. He only lasted 2 minutes and came in me, but I had c** again every hard than before.

We layed there, and he said, I was the first girl to ever make him hard. I was a virgin, you are my first. I kissed him and said, "I plan on getting you hard all the time you are not going to want anyone but me".

In the last year, we replay that afternoon, everyday I don't have my period. I now help him with the d**** and we have a strap on I also use on him.

The s** is the mind blowing. He still thinks he gay, but his c*** tell me otherwise. I have been with several guys, but it not the same with them.

The only problem, is we have not used protection and I am late. I'll never give him up. I am in love with him. It's crazy but true.

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  • While growing up I have always googled by younger sister who had big b**** and bulging bottoms. I have always dreamt of having s** with her. One day during her afternoon sleep I chanced upon her skirt slightly falling away from the edge of the bed due the wind of the fan. Being too h**** I slowly tip toed near and slowly lifted the half skirt aside over her back. To my surprise she was not wearing panties and the white buttocks protruding and as her legs were slightly upwards, her v***** lips were clearly seen as there were only less pubic hair at the downside. But I had no courage to touch her as she was 18 years of age and myself 20 years of age at that time. Just googled enough and went to my room and jerked off with a lot of c**.

  • You should have jerked on her bare butts and p**** man.

  • Get on or use some type of birth control for gawds sakes

  • Go on the pill. So you to can play.

    My sis and I play. We both agree that our love making is great. And s** with our spouses is just ok.

    We started 15 years ago. I was 16 she was 18.

    I love her so much.

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