I gave a BJ to another guy at a GloryHole

I out of town visiting my Aunt in Portland, Or. As I was driving around town, I saw a billboard for an adult shop / smoking accessories shop... so I thought I’d check it out to get a new dugout.

It turns out there were several adult shops within a few blocks. Anyway, I go in one and am looking around and I see some people going into this dark opening into a corridor towards the back with a sign over it that said “arcade”.

I was curious and walked back into the corridor which was dimly lit by led lights. The corridor lined on each side with doors that went into these small “viewing booths” that were about 8’ X 8’. There was a flat panel TV on the back wall. On the wall to the right was controls to control volume, change channels and buy time. There were also two folding chairs, a couple of coat hooks on the back of the door, a waste-basket and a roll of paper towels.

I put a couple of dollars into the machine and the screen came on with some m/m p***, which isn’t my cup of tea. So I pressed the channel up button to start cycling through the channels. There were over 100 channels... a wide variety of p***: gay, straight, lesbian, bi, 3 way, bdsm, transsexual, a***... you name it.

I settled on a hot video of two sexy girls doing insane a*** insertions, fisting, etc. I think it was called A*** Acrobats or something LOL. Anyway...I’d never see. Anything that intense.

So I get really h**** and strip off my T-shirt and shorts and hang them on the hook (so thoughtful of them to provide that...you DO NOT want to put your stuff on that floor!) and the tv goes off so I’m standing there in my flip flops in the dark trying to find my wallet in the pocket of my shorts... anyway... finally find a $20 to feed the machine... that should be enough to get the job done.

So I’m watching the movie, touching myself, and a few minutes go by and I’m really getting into it. Then I feel a small gust of cool air hit my right hip. I look down and I notice a hole in the wall a few inches from my right hip. It’s oval...about 10” top to bottom and 5” wide, and it has a piece of plastic trim around it (which I thought odd... because the fact that the whole was finished with trim meant it was supposed to be there - it wasn’t there as the result of vandalism).

Then I got back to my video and my “fun”. But I kept glancing down at the hole. I could see the light from the tv in the next booth flickering through the hole. Curiosity got the better of me and I squatted down to pear through the hole and I saw a cute girl giving head to an enormous c*** not 18” from my face. She was apparently aware of the hole too because she saw me peering through and started teasing the c*** while looking me in the eye.

She then spoke and asked if I liked what I saw. I said “Yes”. She said “You like watching me suck this big juicy c***, don’t you”. I said “yes”. She told me to stand across the booth and let her watch me stroke my c***. I did so. She asked if I wanted her to suck it. I said “yes”. She said “you have to taste my p**** juice first”. I said “OK”. She said “I want you to lick my juices off my boyfriends c***”. I said “no way” she said “I know how bad you want to taste me”, as she bent over and slid his big d*** into her p****. He f***** her hard until he was about to c**... then he stopped and stuck his slippery wet c*** through the hole.

I was surprised by my loss of control. I devoured that big, beautiful, slippery c***. I slurped up her nectar. Then I was surprised to find myself WORSHIPING that c*** for its own sake. Her p**** had nothing to do with it anymore - it was all about the c***. I loved the way it felt in my mouth - down my throat. The big fat head popping past my tonsils... making my eyes water.

Then I felt it spasm! And it delivered jet after jet of hot thick white fire into my mouth. It was so delicious. It tasted like... S**. I was so high. The whole time I was sucking him she was telling me, “that’s it... that’s a good little sissy...suck that c*** for me.... mmmm...you’re a natural...you were born to suck c***... your nothing but a c*** sucking f*****” etc... it was soooo hot.

Then it was my turn... I stuck my c*** through the hole and they BOTH gave me head.

I haven’t been able to stop fantasizing about it. This happened this past Sat. I’ve been back twice but there have only been men in the arcade. From what I’ve read online it’s super rare fore women to go to gloryholes - probably a once in a lifetime experience. Would love to repeat.


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  • Sounds wonderful! Wish my husband did that.

  • No arcades in North East Ohio. Sure wish we had some

  • Playing Russian roulette with those c****

  • Oregon has the best glory holes.

  • I'll be in Portland in September. Where would I find these adult bookstores?

  • Every where.

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