A Simple Request

I confess that if I have to read one more grammatically butchered "confession" I am going to tear my eyeballs out. If you do not know how to effectively and correctly punctuate, spell, form contractions, or use appropriate verb/noun/pronoun forms, you should be forever barred from infiltrating a public web site with your damaging "writing." The rest of the intelligent world should not be subjected to your complete and utter idiocy.

Take your Dell, or better yet your Gateway, rip every single key off of the keyboard, and be content with the fact that by denying you fucktards the chance to further saturate my life with your undeniable lack of intelligence, I am preventing my assumedly-impending aneurism.

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  • wow.... and you are missing a comma.....

  • well if it frustrates you soo much then dont read other people's confessions or even go on this site so get over it

  • Grammer Pohlice in dah ous! beee booo bee booo bee booo bee boo. Prepared to get f***** by the long d*** of grammaer justize.

  • I get so annoyed when people use who instead of whom, and vis-versa.

  • blah blah blah - let them express themselves however they want to. it tells a lot about their character.

  • LOL "Stop! Grammer Time!"

    Really, I couldn't agree with you more.
    There's nothing worse than trying to decipher 'there' back to it's proper form of 'their' or' they're'. What little context we get in some of these confessions makes it damn near impossible!
    Worse still, is the mind-numbing... "i wuz lyk goin 2 my bff house wit my bf n lyk he sed... "

    These people don't even realize that when I get handed a job application with stupid grammer mistakes like these, it goes right in the garbage. I write them off as retarded.

    My suggestion to the dumbasses who failed fourth grade English is, start practicing the phrase, "You want fries with that?"

  • Or a grammah polize

  • Go become a teacher and fix this s***

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