I am so glad to be rid of my ex wife, fat lying s*** that she is. She is very fortuante I am not a violent person and that i absolutely do not beleive in hitting women or else I would not be able to stop punching her repeatedly. Cant beleive I wasted 22 years with her, god dam it. The thought of her makes me physically ill. I only wish the worst for her and if she died tommorow I would not shed one single tear. Thankfully we have no children or I obviously would not be able to feel that way. I am trying to figure out what I ever saw in her but I just cant, guess I tolerated her cause I have low self esteem and know I cant do better. I dont miss the b**** one bit but I do hate being alone but I know I will get used to it after a year or two. 34 years old now so I am past the stage of possibly finding another partner so any tips on how to accept being alone would really help.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Too old??? No such thing. I didn't get married for the first time until I was 36, and still happily married. I am so glad I waited through all the BS relationships to find my soul mate! Good luck!

  • Fine. Just make sure you don't take the crap you hated about yopur wife out on the next woman your with. And for the record, if she was the only woman you were with for that long, you'll probably gravitate right back to the same kind of woman. SO watch out. Just f*** around for now- NO SERIOUS RELATIONSHIPS for at least a year or two. You need to sow the wild oats you didn't get to sow the first time around.

  • You're not too old to have another partner. You are still YOUNG! Find love! Just because someone is a little older than the "normal" dating pool doesn't mean they can't find someone! Don't you think there are women out there who want someone for them?

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