Naked Dares

As a boy I was quite pretty and the others used to get me to do naked dares, being a show off and exhibitionist I did a number. One time when the equipment was set up for sports day I was persuaded to high jump naked, as it happened I was a good jumper. She authority was known to be at dinner, I stripped off and went over the bar a few times naked. The breeze on my naked body and knowing that the watchers wanted me naked made my c*** hard. When I stopped and tried to get dressed there was some interference with the hard part of me.



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  • The phrase "Pretty Boy" caught my eye. You know with all the examples of abused kids in the news in recent years I got to thinking. I think it was only luck that I was not abused. I am in my late 50's having grown up in the 60's and 70's. My mom was I guess aspirational and I guess combined with the fashions of the time, dressed my sister and I in what I think was quite pretty. For me very short shorts and singlet tops knee high socks. Combining that with a kind of free range childhood along with a sort of childish obedience. If some adult had molested me, I would have just accepted it. So I feel so sorry for those who were molested and figure it is just luck that I was not.

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  • I'm calling bullshit on this one

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