Still spanked at 24

Hi, I m a 24 year old male still living at home. When I misbehave I still get grounded, have a curfew and if really bad I still get spanked by my mom !!

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  • Forgot to say, I am 22 years male.

  • I get corner time to !

  • I understand your problem because I have a similar situation. I don't get spankings anymore but I am given corner time, with my pants down.
    It feels very strange, I think that maybe it is worst than a few spanks. I don;t know what to do, I cant say no to her.

  • She says her house and her rules !!

  • You forgot “a virgin”.

  • Well if u misbehave at home u deserve to b spanked no matter how o!d you are

  • This is what my mom says !!

  • Jesus dude, tell your parents to go f*** themselves and if you dont wanna ill do it for you

  • Such a confession.

  • Shut up! You know you love feeling your moms soft hand on your bottom. Just enjoy and don't forget to spooge all over her clothes when she spanks you.

  • But you not a kid anymore dude.

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