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So I'm 17 and my stepsister is 13 and her bedroom is next to mine and one night I was j********** and I guess I was breathing really loud and heavy bc the next thing I know she's in my room asking what's wrong and why I'm naked so now I'm butt naked, dîck is rock hard in my hand, in front of my stepsister and I had to explain to her what I was doing, nothing like explaining to a 13 year old that your hôrny and had to j*******, really the worst part of it all she asked why it was so small. Most humiliating thing of my life.

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  • I am a guy 16 with a sister who is 14 and a bedwetter! She wears a thick cloth diaper and adult size plastic pants to bed every night because of it.Her room is next to mine,and the one night i heard her moving around after we were in bed.I went into see what was going on and she had her covers pulled down,her diaper was off and she was rubbing the crotch of her plastic pants against her v*****!She told me that she likes the feel of the plastic rubbing against her c*** and does it fairly often!She was a little embarrassed that i caught her and she gave me a b****** so i wouldnt tell mom and dad!

  • Yeah and also child abuse

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