Embarrassing but arousing

I live alone in a small house in the pine barrens of NJ for the past 5 years. I'm on 3 1/2 acres and love the privacy of it. I'm 29 and about the only company I have here is my girlfriend, who I usually only see a couple days a week since she works in Atlantic City. Once in awhile I have friends over but its seldom I do. About the privacy, because I'm in a secluded area I roam my house naked most of the time. Even in the winter months I keep the heat up to 74%. This time of year I go out on my rear deck naked in the mornings to drink my coffee before work. Last year right after labor day was the first time I noticed 2 young girls on my property one evening. I didn't think much about it but a few nights later I was sure they were sneaking up and looking in my windows and saw me naked. My house is a small almost cabin like and except for the two bedrooms and bathroom there are no other walls or doors. I knew they were right outside and it was embarrassing but at the same time I was getting an erection. I was sure two girls were seeing me naked but I never did anything to stop them. Within the following couple months they were out there usually twice a week. This past April a 3rd girl began coming and I still don't know how old they are or who they are. There are 11 other houses in the area but I have no idea where either of them are coming from. It took about a month before I began masturbating while they were on the side of the house. Whats mind boggling is that I am actually embarrassed knowing they are watching me m*********, but at the same time completely aroused by it. They don't know I can hear them talking sometimes and even though its dark I can see there silhouettes when they walk back to the road. They are usually out there after 8 or 9 pm and mostly on week nights specifically on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays. I keep lights off in my bedroom and look out towards the road anticipating them showing up one or more of those nights. As soon as I can see them coming I am instantly aroused. Whats nutty is I can feel myself blushing yet parade around naked with a full erection. I either m********* standing up or sit back in my recliner. When I'm in the recliner I m********* with my legs wide open as I'm facing the windows their at. I try not to e******** to fast as I am so turned on but also humiliated by what I am doing. After I c** I just lay there until I can hear them walking away. When I see girls at the stores I wonder if they are the girls spying on me. I guess I really don't want to know who they are and better off if I don't.


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  • I like it!!! What if I wanted to watch you and your girlfriend? mikeconstance4@gmail.com

  • Do you look at them watching?

  • So hot. fun at the same time.

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