What a weirdo

I had a chance recently to spy on my wife's younger sister in the shower so i took it, Just her and I in the house she went to shower, I know that from the utility room I can see into the basement bathroom since the wall is not completely finished to the ceiling so I sneaked into the utility room after I heard she was in the shower, I peeked over the wall and was watching her.
She has a great body, No kids so everything is firm and tight, Big b**** and a nice build, after she finished washing her body and hair she sat in the shower just letting the water run over her head, After a minute or two she sat back and started touching herself and I couldn't believe my luck. She then took the shower head down and started using it to run water over her p**** which by the way looks nice, Well manicured and tight looking, She used one hand to run the shower head and reached around with the other rubbing her back door and in less than 5 minutes she tensed up and quivered moaning quietly, She put the shower head back and sat down breathing heavily as I sneaked back upstairs.
Later that week I was having beers with her boyfriend and brought up s** which is not out of the ordinary and i asked if she was into any butt stuff, He looked at me and said "Haha, NOOOO, That is strictly off limits with her", So what then, She only likes to do it to herself? So weird.

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  • Next time record the whole thing in your cell phone. Might be useful to share it with her and f*** her ass!

  • Guys are visual creatures

  • Aren't you the brave one. Sneaking around looking at people in the shower. I hope your wife finds out and throws you the F out of the house you pervert. Yeah your a pervert. Then your going to talk about s** with her boyfriend. Not much of a man was he? If that had been my boyfriend he would have broken your jaw. How would you like it had he asked you about s** with your wife. After all don't most guys looks at their partners sister and wonder about it. Your a total j***. I hope your wife leaves you for a real man and soon before she has wasted to many years with the likes of you.

  • Who are you to judge you uptite t***? Go back to your f***** up phony ass relationship and pretend your happy while you look down at others. What a f****** c***

  • Your bf gets side c***. But he can break guys jaws with his d ick.

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