My wife's surprise

My wife knows that I hate certain foods. But she insist on making them. I had a discussion with her before leaving for work this morning. I asked her to please not make anything that I hate for dinner. Did she listen to me? No! She should have though. What happened was her own fault. I was walking up to our back door I smelled a familiar smell. I stopped at the kitchen door. Smelled that air and shook my head. When I opened the door there she was standing at the stove stirring a skillet full of fu cking Manwich. I looked at her she gave me this grin that said FU. So I grabbed her by her apron strings and then I pulled her into the dinning room. I put her face down on the dinning room table and I raised her house dress. Then I yanked her panties down and I unzipped my dickies and I shoved my hard b**** right into her as shole. Yeah I gave her a good fuc king right on top of the dinning room table. Good and hard right in her as shole. She hates it up the butt. She was trying to get up but I kept her pinned to the table with her arm twisted up behind her back. When I finished and I let her up. I told her that she better not make that crap anymore or I would do far worse. She was miserable the rest of the evening as she has a hemorrhoid issue. I don't think she will soon try that sh it again anytime soon. But it served her right.



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  • Ass raping for cooking Manwich? Hate to know what you'd do to her for borrowing your d****

  • This is a fantasy written by a cuck who just doesn't have the guts to be a decent human being, let alone an actual MAN.

  • This has nothing to do with your h*** tendencies so find another post like one about what turns you on as man or something like that but not here. Maybe you would like for me to do to you what I did to my wife? Bend your h*** ass over the table and give it to you good and hard. That way the next you fart it will sound really sloppy and your q**** pals will get a tingle in their c****.

  • I’m a guy, and sexually, one thing that guys do that turns me on is farting in the bathroom. on two separate occasions at the same location, two men entered the bathroom, peed at the urinal and farted, which made my d*** tingle and get hard. the second guy farted a bit louder which made me turn hard instantly, and he spit in the urinal too.

  • Really, I would love to fart on your c***. Tell me what you think.

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