My current ex wife

I got a shout out from my ex to come over. I met her on a plane back in 1987 on an overnight flight to Santiago, Chile. We sat in A and B and by the time we landed she had given me a ** and a bit of a **. I was staying at an upper end hotel paid for by the company, but she was on her own and she was staying at a small budget hotel. We agreed to meet for dinner.

She came over to the big hotel and we had a drink at the bar and then dinner in the dinning room, all on the company credit card. She asked if I wanted to see something, but we had to go up to my room. When we got to the room she pushed me into the chair and pulled up her skirt, she was totally commando, a nice trimmed ** stared back at me. "How about some ** for desert?"

Well, we all do stupid things, and after the fact it was pretty stupid. She was all into it, and we ** all night long. Time after time, loading her up with sperm, no condom and I never asked her if she was on birth control. She wasn't, and she knew it, and she was looking to get a degreed man to marry. And what better way than getting knocked up. And she did.

At best it was a marriage of convenience. At worst we lived like siblings. She got her three kids and her house on the cul de sac, and the big old car. She got it all, she didn't care one way or the other if I ** her or the girl next door. If I did ** the girl next door she wanted details, very intimate details, she masturbated to the details. She watched when she could, she stood in the doorway with her hand between her legs watching, she loved watching another girl get **.

But after a while it go old. A housewife, three kids, and her thing was watching me ** another girl. She picked them out, she showed them to me and asked if that one was **. She brought them over after church, or met them at the park with their kids. She looked for a specific type, married was better, or divorced with money. Lonely, hard up, who needed a man to make their weekends worthwhile, while my wife watched them get **.

One day I told her I had to move on, get out. I couldn't live like that. She frowned, the divorce was amicable and she got the house and the car and the child support and the spousal support. When she met a girl she wanted to watch **, she called me up. Come over, I've got a girl you want to meet. ** her, don't let her get up. ** her, even if she wants you to stop. Only now she filmed using a small movie camera she bought.

She set up a camera in the attic, overlooking the room. She could manipulate it remotely. Focused on the bed, and the mirror, she filmed as her friend, or neighbor, or girl she just met got **. It never ceased to amaze me how she convinced women to let themselves get ** so she could watch.

One day, she let it slip that she had to have ** with this one woman, before she let her watch. Another one wanted a copy of the film. Another one wanted to sit and argue, or discuss, before she ended up in the bedroom with her feet in the air. Another one wanted it again and again, she loved being watched. And she wanted to watch, so my exwife let her watch. For fifteen years this went on, in suburbia. The kids grew up, went off to college and their mother had a woman over to watch some of the old movies, the very first ones. Those were the ones women liked to watch. Original **.

This Holiday we had to be apart, I went to the East Coast and we were apart. First time in 25 years, since we go married. I came home, and she asked me to come over. I went, it was just the two of us. She pulled up her dress, nothing but a shaved **. Kiss me, she said and straddled me and lay her ** on my face.

Jan 9

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