Grey Pubic Hair

I cannot say why but I love grey pubic hair. When I was 16 I once saw my grandma, when she came out of the shower and she had much pubic hair and it was nearly white. I at once got an hardon. About a year later I asked her to see her bush again and sure she rejected. But she was not mad at me. about a year later when I was overnight with her she came into my room lifted her nightgown and showed it to me. I immediately started j**********. she did not do anything but standing there and watching me. It was sooo hot!



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  • I used to live with my divorced 58 yo aunt in a secluded house in the countryside during my early 20s. Very often she could not sleep at night. I asked her why, she would not tell. But one day I offered her that I will stroke her head till she goes to sleep. She agreed and I sat beside her in her bed. She was in see-through shirt night dress and a pair of thongs. She looked sexy to my young eyes. I started to stroke her head, forehead and neck. She came closer to rest her head on on my lap. I got a hard-on and she could feel that, turned her head kissed it through my pj. That night I slept with her cuddling and she gave me a nice bj. I stroked her p**** with great bush and she taught me how to eat a p****. Next few nights I learnt a lot of s**. The same week we had shower together, shaved her almost whitish bush clean. She loved it as much as I did. Shaving her p**** was almost a routine for me - at least once a month and every time this led to f******. This went on for more than a year till I left for college in another city. Still love those time with her.

  • My grandmother was 70 and I was 15 and she let eat her. After that she let me do it to her every night.

    After a week, she started sucking me off before school, so would think about her all day. She took my virginity and I have been f****** her for 20 years now.

    She 90 and still love s** multiple times a day. She has always worked out so her body is still nice, but her t*** sag.

    I love c****** in my Grandmother.

  • OP: I believe she took the richt way. And I believe that only a few girls her age have such a good and satisfying sexlife! Be with her as long as she wants it!

  • I'm 65 and I think my son in law wants to have s** with me

  • Do you want him as well?

  • 65 is no age. Or do you think, you're too old for s**? If not, it seems you think about his affection, right? The life is short. You should give in. maybe ask your daughter first? But do anything, ok?!

  • No I still love s** and yes he is a great catch, I don't know what to do my daughter is hotter than me why would he want me?

  • OP: Where do you know from, that they don't already do it?

  • I don't understand?

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