Wife pics in her underwear

Angela and I have been Married for 22 years and i love taking naughty pics of her in underwear and nude with her permission. I have viewed lots of sites with guys showing off pics their wives and girlfriends etc and fantasise showing her off too. I dont want her to be shared with anyone. I love the idea of other men looking at my wife in her just her panties and commenting and masterbating to her. Would this be a good idea or would I regret it in time?

23 days

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  • Yes, go ahead. I always do it for my hubby. You may find some ideas from zoig.com ...

  • Years ago (late 1990s) my wife was about 19 and I was 22. I had many Polaroid pics of her nude and with just a skirt on and a few with her and toys. I would hide the pics in the car glove box. She and I were not married at the time. This one summer she and I were going to take a long trip together and I took the car into the garage to get worked on. But, I forgot about the pics. When I got the car back I looked in the glove box for the paperwork on the car and saw that the pics had been moved around. So, I believe the guys at the garage had a look at her. I was so embarrassed and told her about it and asked her to accept my apology because it truly was a mistake. Her face got really red, her hands started shaking and she started to breath heavy. She accepted my apology. Later on when she and I wee fooling around, I whispered to her that I bet the guy at the garage took her pics to the restroom and jerked off to them. That they were getting ready to shoot on her pic but pulled away in time to miss. She got so turned on that she rolled me over and rode me like never before. That was my first hint about her.

  • See uploaded at :

  • I would love to see her photos. Please email me sphiil@aol.com

  • So I have read posts on confession post over several years and I love seeing ordinary wife pics like you are thinking of showing. Recently I was told to check out the website, wifelovers.com and I think this site might be something you could try. Most pics on it are aware pics but a few are onaware pics which is what excites me. Let me know what you think if you try it.

  • Yes get shout, Wifelovers

  • I don't look at nude pictures, nor my friends. I like action videos not just acting.

  • Sounds hot! If she's into it, do it!!

  • At this age not many people would be interested so you can go ahead and post her nudes

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