Wanting to become a superchub

I have always had a desire to gain weight, and get a big belly, which I now have, but lately I have been visiting websites about superchubs. Men who weigh over 400 plus. When I was young I thought 200 would be massive and I have reached that, but the idea of doubling that is driving me nuts. Iknow that there are a lot of health issues,but I also feel that a person only lives once and I love the idea of being a very fat man.

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  • Do what makes you happy and go for it! I’m a chaser that has a thing for fat boys, bigger the better as far as I’m concerned. If you’re gay/bi and you reach that near quarter ton mark, hit me up, I’ll give you a good time top or bottom. If you’re straight, I’ll share my hot girlfriend with you. We’re both attractive by most people’s standards, but love the taboo....

  • Like you said, you only live once. It's your life, so do what you want with it. If that means turning yourself into a huge waddling butterball then go for it! Most people wont understand, but if you're thinking about getting that fat you really won't be happy until you do. Do it fatboy!

  • Don’t do it , you will regret being a fat person , get a gym membership and start burning that fat off your body right now and buy those diet pills like it’s the end of the world , don’t become a fat person , it’s no fun and highly degrading to your self esteem , better start burning that fat right now before you regret it later on in life .

  • Why would you desire that? It's nonsense. It's OK to be slightly overweight like 5'10", 200-210 lbs and having at most 30 BMI, but not more than that. I have BMI between 24.5 and 25.0, regardless how much or what I eat and I'm fine with that.

  • I like to starve my girlfriend.

  • That's just disgusting. I, like overwhelming majority of men, prefer curvy women, like 5'6", 150-160 lbs. Anorexic ones like 5'6", 110-120 lbs or less are only for insecure little p***** with micro penises.

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