Bad babysitting

I really don't know why! I'm sitting for our neighbors for 2 years now, since I was 11 and their son was 7. Since 4 months they now have a new baby. Any time I see her nursing the Baby I got these feelings. yes, I got h****. Since then, when they are gone and I'm alone with the kids, I take the Baby, take my shirt off and put it at my breast. Sure I don't have any milk, but I have b****** and she tries to get something out. And its hot and makes me h****. The son caught me doing it and he wanted too. He said, his mom lets him doing it too. I did not believe him because he's 10 in between. But he touches and sucks my t*** like an expert. After a whils he made me touch his willie. it was hard and I must say, it felt good.



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  • Next time let him eat your p****

  • Next time, strip off

  • You should be sucking that boys d***

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