My daughter caught me

I always knew it could happen but I could not do anything against. It was in me and it wanted to get out. I think it started when our daughter was 6 or 7. I saw her changing her panties in her room. Then she ran down the stairs. I stood in her room and it came over me. I took the small blue pantie and sniffed. I was hard in one second. I masturbated in her panties and put it in the hamper then. From that day on, I did that as often as I could. And I have not been caught until last week. Our daughter is 11 in between. She was down in the kitchen and I went in her room. I took her used panties from her bed, put it around my c*** and jerked off. Just in the Moment I came, my daughter looked around the corner. She had big eyes but no fear. She came in and looked on what I was holding in my hand. "That's mine, dad!" she said. I did not know what to do. Then she did do something unbelievable. she dipped one of her fingers in the pool of sperm I had made on her panties. She played with it. "It's your sperm, right?" she said. "I knew you did this for years. But now I want to watch you do it! Or I must tell mom!"



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  • I love my daughter dirty panty to

  • I want to have a daughter who can dress me up and boss me around

  • I would love to hear more from you or any other fathers or daughters you can reach me at

  • Love to chat

  • Willing to talk won't do emails though!

  • Yes

  • Ok then done anything with her since then?

  • I'm not the original op but I've doing things with quite a few girls now, and trust me at that age they love it, it needs to be nurtured

  • After my divorce my daughter lived with me.

    Same thing with my daughter, but she was 15 when she finally caught me. But she pulled off the panties she was wearing and wanted me to j*** off again into them. I was hard in a second and j*** off.

    She started playing with herself, after I came I pushed her on the bed and ate her for 20 minutes. She came like crazy.

    We have been this almost every day for 5 years now. We started f****** when she was 18.

    She is a freak when it comes to s**.

    I love my daughter!

  • Could be the start of something amazing!

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