Male. I wear thick pin on cloth diapers with plastic pants every night for my bedwetting. I also wear Abena disposables during the day because of regular leaking. I had to wear to bed until I entered high school then was allowed to manage the mess myself. Always had plastic cover over my mattress and pillows. I took some understandable teasing from my 3 brothers. I put myself back in my nightime diapers after about a year of dealing with middle of the night floods. Always wore a couple pair of underwear (the thick training pant type) to handle my daytime leaking. I had regular wet spots on my pants which s why I always wore black jeans. When Imgot a little older I used goodnight pull ups during the day which worked pretty well. The daytime issue got gradually worse so I went to disposable diapers. I’m now 24/7 and all is well. I’m a DL now

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  • I grew up, got dry at night with 5, but startet wetting the bed when I was 12 . After medical world could find nothing wrong that was causing bedwetting an alarm system was tried but it did not really work for me. So Mom finally put me in cloth diapers and plastic pants. It was hard in the beginning because I always felt like a baby wearing them but as time went on I got used to them and felt they were better than wet bedclothes changes every night. The alarm system was tried a few more times over the years and would offer sometimes temporary relief but the wetting would start again. In the end I was so glad when I stopped wearing this stupid alarm system, as my sleep was pretty well disturbed by waking up 2-4 times a night. I was 15 when my school grades got from bad to worse, so after visiting our doc, my mom and I decided to stop all attempts to disturb my sleep in order to get me dry at night. My doc considered it was a good idea o wait until I outgrow the bedwetting . It was a very huge relief when the alrm was trashed!! The first night I went to bed to sleep wearing only ma pajamas with plastic pants and diapers underneath knowing, what happens may happen!!
    My grades got better and better, and I was refreshed again. But the need to be diapered persisted. Some time later I didn´t mind it! Unfortunately my bedwetting never ceased, but I had very understanding girlfriends, went to sleepovers and finally got a boyfriend. This is 40 years ago, I´m now in my fiftiest, was married, have 2 sons grown up, and live my life!!

  • I am a girl 16 and a bedwetter also and i have to wear the cloth pin on diapers and 'rubberpants'[plasticpants] to bed every night also.My rubberpants are in pastel colors-pink,yellow and blue and some with babyprints on them that mom got me recently! Every night at bedtime,i have to lay on my bed and mom powders me,pins the diapers on me then pulls the rubberpants up my legs and over the diapers.My 14 year old brother calls me his 'baby' sister and he see's me in my diapers and rubberpants quite often.

  • You reminded me of the tricks I use to play on my younger brother. I was 8 and he was 3. He was mom's favorite and I wanted to make his life h***. He slept on the lower bunk bed. I would wait till he got up and I would p*** on his bed. Mom would find it and she would tell him it was ok. Yeah cause he was her favorite little man and I wasn't. So I kept doing it and eventually they had to buy a new mattress. So every once in a while I would do it even when he was 6. By then dad would shake his head when mom's little man would profess his innocence. Eventually even mom told him to stop lying and that liars didn't get Christmas presents like everyone else. I just sat and smirked knowing that everyone began to dislike the little F*** as much as I did. Then I finally got even when our mom was in the hospital dying from lung cancer. I whispered in her ear that I p***** in Samuels bed and it was me getting even for the way she made me feel like I didn't count and wasn't loved because I was from dad's first marriage to the one true love of his life that she would never be and that dad was going to move her into the house she decorated and loved so much and that dad would be f****** her before she was even cold in her bed. The look on her face as the life slipped from her shriveled up smoked out body. She couldn't speak by this time so she had to languish knowing what I had done. She even changed her will leaving nothing to her little man. I got the last laugh. Hope the b**** is burning in h*** now.

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