I know it's sick, I don't like it-- but it's a huge turn on.

I'm thirty one, and I fantasize about this fourteen year old girl I used to see around church and related functions. Not "normal" fantasies, you'd expect I'd think about overtly sexual stuff, but I don't. In my most common fantasy she's wearing a certain pair of jeans I've seen her wear. We're standing near each other in the church when she suddenly punches me hard in the stomach. When I sink to the floor, she moves to stand over me, and stares coldly down with a puckered, disgusted smirk. My groans prompt her to snicker under her breath and say something cruel, maybe "Shut up, r*****!" And I get a great look at how her jeans fit under her tee shirt.

Jul 31, 2019

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  • When I was 28, I dated a 14-year old girl. We've been in relationship for about 3 years and we had s** almost on a daily basis. Unfortunately she left me. The funny thing is that I left my girlfriend who was 27 because of her. As long as there is a mutual consent, there's nothing wrong with that.
    Billionaires and ultra rich do such things frequently, even without mutual consents but yet neither FBI, neither police dare to touch them.
    So keep it quiet and enjoy. I repeat once more that it's very important to keep a low profile, avoid being seen kissing, holding hands together or touching, because dumb people wouldn't understand and WILL attack you. I would advise you to determine the minimum age. In my case it's 13 YO girls and up who like to dress very sexy (high heels, nylons, mini skirts, sexy transparent lingerie). I can't resist them. If they don't dress sexy, I'm not interested. Simple as that.

  • This is amazing

  • Are you a girl?

  • I am a sick f*** too. My daughter 12 wears her school uniform dress. Sometimes she squats down to tie her shoe laces or do something and if I am standing to her side I see her undies because the dress is pretty short and rides up.

  • Your not sick at all.

  • Thank you.

  • It’s hot

  • Yes, very hot.

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