Belt fetish

I have a fetish for belts. I find it attractive when girls wear denim shorts or jeans with a belt.

Not any kind of belts, usually plain black ones with silver buckles that you wear with jeans.

Feb 22

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I’m married and ** as my job

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  • My girlfriend would wear either four or five pockets jeans. I love to stand behind her and but my hands inside her back pockets. That would her get extremely aroused and ** and hot that we would quickly despair so we could rub and grind on each other.
    Now we are married I still do that to her

  • My one girlfriend would wear five pockets lady wrangler jeans. They showed her extremely strong legs and thighs and great ** and they were tight around her ** also. This jeans got me ** and we would wrestle with each other and ** until we were finished

  • What about those denim pinafore miniskirt/overall dresses with that kind of belt? When the skirt part has those prim, crisp pleated folds underneath the pocket panel. I LOVE to be able to see the zippers and pockets on a girl's denim. I only like certain styles, but those styles drive me NUTS! I especially have a couple of specific fetishes WITHIN that fetish; one is when at least one of her front denim pockets have a little slip of untucked pocket lining just BARELY peaking out the edge and she doesn't even care enough to tuck it in right. Another is that I LOVE that slutty little "coin slot" pocket that's usually on the right side in her regular pocket. Makes me wanna slip a quarter in there, listen to it rattle around, then climb on and ride her like one of those drugstore rocking horse rides!

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