My sickest fantasy is to be CFNM humiliated by girls

From around seven to fourteen. Specifically, I want their clothes to be thin, delicate tops, think camis, tee shirts, tight, small and thin. For bottoms, certain types of anything denim. Skirts, jeans, shorts, but only certain types of denim. As for their teasing, I mainly just want lots of smirking and laughter, small mild "violence" (they trip me, wave their hands in my face, stick their gum on me, ect. But mainly just laughing, smirking, whispering to each other, the occasional fearless insult. I might say something and a girl might go "No, because you're retarded!" Cue an explosion of laughter. Another thing I would want is for one of them to rub one of her legs up between my legs until I explode, only laughing harder and harder when I beg her to stop. If she's wearing a skirt or shorts, she's grossed out when I finish and makes me wipe her leg. If she's wearing jeans she tells me I ruined them, threatens to tell on me, then agrees not to if I buy the jeans. When I ask her how she'll explain it to her parents she just laughs and ignores me, Making me squirm and worry.

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