Taming the bully

So I am now in a "secret" relationship with my bully, Marrisa was always one of the popular girls and made sure everyone knew it, She was mean to people just because she could be, Two weekends ago I went to a party and she was there, She had a bit too much to drink and...Well I'll tell you. I guess I should mention that we are both girls in the same grade.
As I said Marrisa was always not very nice, Not to me, Not to her "Friends" not to boys, Not teachers...She was a...B****. Untiiiiilllll I left the party and started walking home, She was sitting at the end of the block on the curb crying and as hard as I tried I couldn't just walk past, I looked around hoping someone else would be close so I could leave her but it was just me. I stopped and asked if she was ok, She looked up at me and said "Like you care" and I turned to leave but couldn't, I asked again and she just started spewing about her "Boyfriend" kissing someone else...Blah...Blahhh...Blahhhhh. I felt kind of bad even though I didn't really like her but I sat down and we started talking and after a bit we were actually giggling, We started walking and she was drunker than I was but not trashed or anything. We got to her house and she asked if I wanted to go inside, I still don't know why but I said ok and we went to her room. We were sitting on her bed talking and I don't know what came over me but I kissed her. I have been into girls for a while but Marrisa was my first actual encounter, She pulled back and looked at me then jumped on me. We were rolling around taking each others clothes off and then when we were both down to our underwear she stopped and looked at me looking scared and asked if it was my first time, I nodded and she said it was hers too, she jumped me again and we kissed and continued to undress each other, I rolled her onto her back and dove into her lap, As soon as my tongue touched her p**** lips she moaned and it was on, We spent like three hours just kissing, Touching and licking eachother, When it was over we drifted off holding each other and in the morning we both jumped up when her dad knocked on the door and announced that breakfast was ready.
We looked at each other and she asked if we could keep it a secret and I agreed that was probably best, I went down and she introduced me to her parents and sister and we had breakfast before I left, She texted me off and on all day and she came to my place the next night and we have been hooking up in secret almost nightly. She still hangs with her friends and I still hang with mine but any night either of us can we sneak away to see each other.


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  • Sometimes s*** happens just go with it and someday things will look a little different im happy for you and i hope someday your relationship with her doesnt have to be a secret

  • I saw a movie once where this woman somehow worked out she had married her rapist. As I recall the guy lived next door and when she was raped he befriended her and she fell in love with him not realising he was the rapist. Anyone remember the name of that movie or similar ones?

  • So hot but she will turn on you.

    In jnr high I was on the outer a few geeky friends. One day the Queen bee. #1 popular girl sat next to me. I was excited honoured. I discovered the cost as she ran her hand up under my skirt and felt me up.

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