Definitely should have just went to bed.

I was at a family reunion with my wife's family and my wife got trashed, Went to bed and I stayed up with her mom, two uncles and a couple cousins. Her mom was staying with us in a suite since her dad couldn't make it so we each had our own rooms, Her mom got twisted and I had to help her back to the room, We got up and left as everyone laughed at how drunk she was.
It was probably a total of 1000 feet to our room and she had to stop 3 times to rest and I had to wake her each time to continue, When we got into the room my wife was passed out snoring and I helped her mom into her room and sat her on the bed, Before I even walked away she slumped her head down and passed out, I looked at her and the way she was sitting she was showing a lot of cleavage, I know I shouldn't have but I reached down her back and unzipped her dress and she never moved, I slid it off her shoulders and it fell to her lap, She has big, Wrinkly b**** and her big wrinkly cleavage was all pushed up in her bra, I reached back again and unclipped it then let it slide off into her lap and her big, fat b**** hung there with her tanned cleavage and pale b**** with big, dark brown/Purple nipples.
She had her silk PJ's sitting on the dresser in her room so I grabbed the shirt and slid it on her putting her arms in and everything and she just sat there sleeping, i don't know how but she didn't even fall over, I knelt down and started to button it up but her big t*** were right in front of my face, I thought for a second and leaned in, sucked one of her big nipples into my mouth, Her b**** are big and soft and just her nipple was a mouthful. I should have quit I know that but I was so revved up I just kept sucking on it. Eventually she lifted her head and took a deep breath which caused her nipple to slip out of my mouth and I just sat there on my knees staring at her, She just ran her hand over her big nipple and then laid back on the bed which put her pelvis right in front of my face and with her top still undone her big b**** were flopped out to the sides. I slid my hand up her thigh and hooked my finger in her panties, Pulled them to the side and was a foot from her p****, Her lips are bald with hair on top but her lips are big and puffy with an innie p**** and purple p**** lips, I leaned in and licked it and her legs just relaxed a bit more and she let me spread them.
When she was wet I stood up, Knelt on the bed beside her face and pressed my k*** against her lips, She opened her mouth and I slid my c*** into her mouth and slid a finger in her p****, Her p**** was wet and tight and I couldn't hold out, I pulled out of her mouth and came on her big, Wrinkly Left t** and then when I was done I wiped my finger through the sperm and rubbed my finger on her lips, She let me slide my finger all covered in sperm into her mouth and I wiped it off on her tongue. Afterward i laid there rubbing my come into her big t*** and then rubbed her p**** a little, She rolled over away from me and I put some spit on my middle finger, Slid it between her cheeks and right into her ass, I laid there fingering her bum and she just laid there sleeping. After a while i was about to pass out so I got up and grabbed her pants, Slid them on her and could only get them up to her knees without moving her too much so I left them like that.
Hope she doesn't remember any of it.



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  • So in other words you raped her. NICE!!!! I would have the exact same thing!!!!!

  • We were at a bar my wife's mother asked me to dance with her as we were going around the dance floor she unzipped her top showing me her nice lemon sized t*** she whispers in my ear whose p**** tastes better my daughters or mine she said I know you have been sniffing and wearing my panties and bras leaving yout c** stains on the crotch before putting them back into my hamper and you do the same with
    to suck your c***

  • My MIL is drunk most nights. After my wife goes to sleep I go to MIL room about 1 am and we have s**.

    My wife does want much s** once a month is all she wants.

    But her mother really gets me hard. I prefer MIL to my wife. She also a great person. I think I love her.

  • My wife's mom is a chubby woman with giant t*** and she wears muscle shirts to bed, She woke up drunk to me sucking on her big fat nipple one night and just pushed my head away and rolled over, Nothing has ever been said.

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