I share my wife with my best friend

I have been sharing my wife (started as when we were dating) with my friend for over 25 years. Sometimes we're together and sometimes she goes to his house when his wife is out of town. She feels comfortable with him and likes c*** so she wants to keep doing it.

We've done some swinging but as she gets older (51 now) she's more self conscious about being with strange men. Too bad, cuz she was a good s*** in her day.

He just texted and said his wife will be out town next Saturday and would I be OK with her going over. I know she'll say yes.

Good thing is she comes home h**** and very wet and I get to play too.

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  • Wife with threesome

  • My wife gets f***** regularly by two different guys. I suck one of their c**** and sometimes go down on her after the other one f**** her. I also f*** her before and after they visit. It works for us. I especially like it when she's f***** by two guys at once.

  • I share my wife with her male friend. When I started asking her out she used to tell me no. I asked her one day why she always turned me down and she told me it was because she had a f*** buddy she didn't want to give up. I promised to let her keep her f*** buddy if she would date me. She agreed to give it a try and 2 years later we got married. Their relationship is purely s** and will never be anything more. I don't care. She always comes home to me. I would rather share her than not have her at all.

  • Haha, I am the other guy. Well maybe not to your wife, but I have a lady friend who is my FWB. Her husband doesn't know she and I f*** a lot of nights when he is at work.

  • Too bad you aren’t the “other” guy !

  • I'm glad all of you are happy and that this works for you! Monogamy is so overrated. :)

  • Nice. Does she still have his load in her?

  • Sometimes, yes. it's hot when she has a p**** full of c** to finger

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