Padded bra

I’m 35 fem I’m very flat chested 34aa but I pad my bra to 34c I have been padding since i was 14 at school a few of us padded our bras but I still do

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  • I've been with women from AA to G, and every size between. Size makes no difference to attractiveness. Attitude and enthusiasm for the same things sexually are more important.

  • My gf is flat chested. She's 45. I live with it. Yes I'd like bigger b**** on her but she's sexy in her own way.

  • I love small b******, nothing sexier than little girl t*** X Snapchat ddlgdaddy31

  • Most men DO NOT like small b******. A-cup is very bad, B-cup is acceptable if woman is outstanding in other areas, C-cup is perfect, D-cup also perfect, DD-cup OK while anything bigger than that is just too large and unnatural.

    I as a straight man prefer C-cup, also known as the global average.

  • Not true. Many men prefer smaller b******, some cultures totally go for smaller. Some South American countries for instance in Brazil small breats are generally favoured. Boys and immature men prefer larger, maybe a mummy complex?

  • I prefer small breast to large breast. I don't know why, I just do. My wife is between an A and B bra depending on the bra. I wouldn't change a thing. I see other women her age that are sagging. She still looks young and perky. She looks outstanding all the time.

  • It is not the solution. Try enlarging your b**** through regular massaging of b**** using olive oil. Massage them for at least once a day for 20-25 mnts for 6 months, drawing your palm from underneath your b****** upward (not in the reverse order). However, small or moderate b**** are good as they do not sag early. My b**** (34C) is still firm with little sag at my 50+ of age!!

  • I like the way you talk would like to get to know more? X

  • Thank you. X. I used to have a small pair of b**** while in high school and sighed for years watching bouncing b**** of my friends. It was a university study tour to Nepal where I came to know about the above b*** massage using olive oil from a well endowed Indian woman in her mid-30s. She also taught me about urine therapy (google for more info) and advised me to rub own urine to my face and body for healthy and lustrous skin tone. Yes, it does work well!

  • Most men prefer small t*** and your sound fantastic would love to talk more

  • Don't worry about the bra. Guys are more into p**** than t***. Trust me.

  • That’s true thanU know .Butt ,legs & face then t*** , what most really look for I promise U. 💋

  • Not so, I'm a guy and I love a well endowed woman. I like love her b****** and her p**** evenly

  • I think small b**** are great. Don't worry

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