......all of a sudden.............

.....kate gosselin is the finest b**** alive.......and the most beautiful......she f***** killin it......

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  • She a ho

  • Kate Gosselin is a hot piece. Wish I could git summa dat!

  • Effin' A, dude.

  • Hard to believe there are 10 people who even remember who she was much less that would comment on her ANYWHERE

  • Kate Gosselin? She is old AF.

  • I feel exactly the same as the OP. Kate Gosselin is super marriage material.

  • Amazing what paint and makeup can do to a person. Make them look nothing like the person they are. Too bad Kate is still a f****** c*** even with all that makeup up, and she's still f****** ugly as dog s*** once that makeup come off.

  • No. No. No. No. No. Not true. Kate is too fine and too hot for you so you scared. Is she mean? Is she selfish? She bitchy? Yes to all that and lot more. But lets get real. She deserve worship and she get it. And if she don't get it she get rid of the guy. She should get worship. Damn she fine. She Kate. She fine.

  • Maybe you should take a look at her without all that makeup on before claiming she's fine. That woman dog butt ugly without her makeup on. B**** scare me to death I woke up next to her in the morning.

  • I agree with you, Kate Gosselin is one ugly ass dog. Watch some of the early episodes of her first show, or watch some other personal videos and she is fugly.

  • When they was on tv at first the tv tried to make her look bad when they wanted her to be the one the audience would hate and would dog out. It made the show more popular to have a bad guy. She never look that bad. Not once.Not one day in her whole effing life! But the real Kate Gosselin is damn fine lady (g****** she fine!!!!!) and smart and funny and knows how to have fun. And she is also a effing goddess. We all need to be worshiping that. Is she a b****? Yes, but we all secretly love that. And she is still the finest b**** alive. I would serve her forever. She too fine.

  • Nope, shes still a f****** dog.

  • "goddess"? get real you goober. kate gosselin is trash. it's all she ever was. its all she ever will be. human garbage.

  • .....god no............kate is sooooo NOT trash......your insane....

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