Why did I do it

I totally did something that was not anywhere near the realm of normal or acceptable, My friend and room mate went out and I went somewhere else, I didn't hear my room mate come home and I woke up to pee in the middle of the night, I was drunk and when I walked past the living room I seen her sleeping on the couch, I walked over and said her name but she was passed right out, She had on a tube top and no bra and her nips were showing through, I have never been into girls but for whatever reason I poked one and then I started rubbing it through her top, then I pulled her top down and pinched it a bit.
She took a deep breath, Rolled onto her stomach and started grinding against the couch, She still had her one nip out and she was moaning and humping the couch and holding her nip, I watched her hump the couch and got really h****, I started rubbing my c*** and I came right about the same time as she did, She just moaned "Mmmm, f*** yeah" and rolled over to face the back of the couch, I sneaked to bed and the next day I got up and covered her up with a blanket.
I have never told anyone and I don't have any tendencies toward girls any time but I just did that night...WTF...

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