Devastated. Shocked.

Facebook just told me you 'liked' Donald Trump. How could you feel that way? Now I want to drive off a bridge again.

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  • Please do so. We don't need another s***** ass hateful person in the world.

  • Yep. With all the MAGATs crawling out of the woodwork, 'Murica will never be lacking for dumbfuck hateful losers anytime soon. :)

  • Looks like you need to be checked into a mental institution. My diagnosis: Trump Derangement Syndrome, or TDS for short. Treatment: Redpilling 10 times a day.

  • Looks like you're a willful r***** with an orange stain around your mouth. My diagnosis: Future Landfill Resident, or FLR. You haven't heard of it before because unlike you, I am capable of original thought. You'd be amazed what I can dream up, and not just with words... *kiss*

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