My first time with a male

Im a male who met a bi older male..i didnt think it would end up with me letting another male touch are explore my body i was just 18 and new him for a few years id use his pool we would hand out..when i turned 18 things changed he invited me over more often he would talk about s** he offered me some advise on meeting people be open 18 i was slim natrual smooth day he asked if i was a virgin wich i was...a month later he asked me to put on some panties for him and walk around so i did it was weird but fun then more and more finally i was fully dressed in a skirt heels panties and stuffed bra..he would have me walk around bend over and expose my self i enjoyed it so it was not a problem...before i knew it his hands began ti feel me up his erections showed his sit on his lap and let him explore my body step by step he worked me up to full nude rubs he would pour baby oil all over my body and rub me.. One day while i was on my stomach he began to lick me i felt excited and enjoyed it he parted my legs and pulled me up on all fours his faced was directly in my rear i felt weird but let him view me he would whisper about my soft cheecks and firm legs he put a few kisses on my cheecks and rubs my hole i felt a wet tingle as his soft tounge began to lap it feeling hot i began to moan faster and harder his tounge reached in he bent my erection back and sucked me. A few minutes with his finger deep in my virgin hole i saw his meat ready for me a condom and lube he inched in slow i took it b**** deep with a pause then in and out faster harder he was moaning my tight hole had him ready to bust i felt him swell as he locked onto me stroking me to climax i never felt one so hard that i wanted it more

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