I'm a 49 year old happily married man with a rather healthy libido. I've had a few affairs over the 20 years I've been married. Mostly one night stands while I traveled for business. I also am very open sexually but have always chose women. In the back of my mind dwells a curiosity about men. I've always wondered what it would be like to be serviced by a man or to service one. A couple of weeks ago my cusrisoity got the better of me. I was attending a conference in Denver and got bored one night. I went to bar and had a few drinks with some colleges. One of them was a man who I found myself drawn to. We had a a lot in common and it was easy to talk with him. He was handsome, educated and well built. Some how the conversation took a personal turn and I found myself confessing my hedonistic ways. Suddenly I felt his hand on my thigh. It's ok, he said confidently, if you want me to stop just say so. I didn't. I felt lost in his gaze. Perhaps it was the booze or perhaps it was more. He leaned in and kissed me softly for just a moment. We can finish this my room or yours, he said with a growl. We went up to my room in silence. Once the door closed he grabbed me forcefully. He kissed me deeply allowing me to taste the rum on his tounge. I didn't know what to do so he pushed me down on the bed. He looked down on me while he unbuckled his belt. In a split second his pants were on the floor and I was facing a pair of boxers with a growing h******. My was heart was racing as he reached inside his boxers and unfurled a long and Harding c***. His hands gripped the back of my head and he thrust his now almost erect p**** toward my face. His hard veiny c*** pressed against my closed lips. He moaned softly as the musky member rubbed against my mouth and face. Suck it , he commanded but I wasn't sure about it. We looked at each other in silence. He lifted his now fully erect sick and place my forehead . His b**** were hairy and now on my lips. He moaned even harder and said , smell them , smell my b****. It was intoxicating. Without thinking I began licking his huge b****. I gently sucked one then the other. I could feel my h****** aching in my pants. Suddenly I found myself licking up his shaft. His moans growing louder. With my eyes closed my hungry mouth found his c******* . Warm precum waited me. I refused at first but then allowed the sticky substance into my mouth. It was sweet. He plunged his big c*** into my mouth. His hands gripped the back of my head harder as he thrust in and out of my mouth. I was sucking another mans c***. After years of thinking about it I was actually giving a man head . His whole body began to quiver , his moans growing louder . Yes , that's it , that feels so good he exclaimed. Growling he began to bucknhard against my mouth. Eat it , he suddenly said. The first spurt landed hot against my tounge. I pulled his c*** out of my mouth which made him spasm uncontroably . As he moaned softly I could feel his c*** unload against my now closed mouth. It was hot and slimy. He quickly thrust his erupting c*** back into mouth . I couldn't swallow it fast enough. After a few moments his body went limp and I let his throbbing c*** slide from my mouth. He towered over me as I tried to wipe the c** from my face. Breathlessly he said , married men always suck the best c***. He got dressed , thanked me and left my room. I didn't see anymore that wekend but I wish I did. Now im adding men to my list . Can't wait.

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  • I am curious to know where my navy pants went i need them for job interviews and work. they cost money and I can't afford to lose things and be giving free things to others. so whoever steal them let them show themselves with sudden death.

  • How does it feels to get it in ur behind ?

  • Fantastic! No, I am not the author of the story above. Far too many people think a*** s** is both ubiquitous among gay and bisexual men and somehow, even though so many people enjoy it (either in their aforementioned beliefs, their MF experiences, or reality), painful and unpleasant. The reality is that with proper prep work, it can be an amazing experience for either gender. The a*** region is loaded with nerve endings and the feel is totally different than penetrating a v*****; where a v***** is like being enveloped in warmth, the ass is tight at the base that keeps one from cuming as fast as one might vaginally* and makes the act seriously stimulating. It is also very stimulating to both genders to pull out all the way and push back in as the rim of the head gets pulled forward as you pull our and pulls on her sphincter from the inside. Incidentally, a*** s** is such a common act among heterosexual couples that it is more common than among gay couples. This last part is fact; however, and this is me speculating, the popularity is due to the presence of two a****.

    * If someone wants to claim that they last an hour, more power to you, reality is that after 5 minutes or so, almost all women want the c*** out and will be sore for a couple of days-

  • I agree :)

  • And then you brought a disease home to your loving wife and family.

  • The ethical and moral issues relating to s** outside of marriage are beyond any discussion composed of a few sentences. However, homosexual encounters do not ipso facto result in ANY sort of disease. That attitude is a remnant (and one would hope a less and less common one) of the ill informed and reactionary moral panic of the Reagan years. Epidemics and pandemics are caused by ecological changes (airplanes move people much easier and much faster than ships and ships, what effects have those had? Not much, just the conditions that made the 1918 influenza pandemic possible.) whilst virulence is a function of the "newness" of the infectious organism to the population in question. Although the HIV virus is the result of events that occurred towards the end of the 19th or the beginning of the 20th century, it is important to note how deadly measles still is after thousands of years infecting humanity; thus, your statement, the result of a reactionary desire to blame the victim is, to say the least, misguided. It is, to say the most, further proof of the ignorance of biology that pervades society. Measles IS transmited by an act; only the act is perpetrated by the infected party's refusal to stay home. If anything, that is far more culpable.
    It is my opinion that it is the intolerance created by the imaginary dichotomy of gender that pervades the mind of so many. Moreover, the idea that the person getting f***** is somehow submissive to the person doing the f****** creates the impression that somehow, the person getting f***** is somehow "not a real man" and that tends to result in wives that think their man has somehow turned gay and does not find them attractive any longer with the instant and unfortunate reaction of the use of words that cannot be taken back. The need to experiment with something that is treated as taboo in our society as homosexuality is not only very real, it is, in no small part, caused by the taboo itself.

  • I think this confession is fake.
    If it's not,does your wife know about the affairs? Do you have,"an open marriage?' If not,you should tell your wife.What's the point in being married,if you aren't going to respect,your wedding vows and the love,for your wife?!
    How would you feel,if your wife was cheating,on you aswell? I suppose,that would make,"you both even"
    I hope you're using protection,when you're on your,f****** escapades! You don't want to transmit sexual diseases,to your wife!
    Do your wife a favour and let he go,then you can continue with,"your Batchelor lifestyle"

  • Ur poor wife at least u kept away from his arsh hole

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