sometimes I feel as if www.lost.eu/17c95 and the people there are ment for something bigger.



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  • Why all the haterade. By the way I hate fat chicks. Another bad impersonation of me.


  • I love fat chicks... but I love you more E. Dondero. F*** me.


  • F****** SPAMMERS!

    : (

  • That's kind of a lame invite... be more creative. Trying to get your numbers up, are we? And I highly doubt that 500,000 people are collectively meant for something bigger. A few, perhaps, but not because they're playing that game. You're certainly not, seeing as you can't come up with a better way to get your page out there.

  • Sometimes I feel as if "confessing" a website is the biggest form of douchebaggery posted on here.

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