That when i went out of my 'hometown' for a bigger city i really did miss my family and friends. i felt that my life was quite empty without them. I flew back after i got a job offer here and now i'm living with my family again. My family told me i have changed like i am less mad and more patient with others and also lost a lot of weight

a few months later i gain my pounds back and my mom does nag me a lot again like i was some stupid teen. i feel angry again and my friends are still these cynical bunch i can't really stand.

i wonder whether i should have stayed at the bigger city.

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  • Going back to that same city or another one is always an option. Not sure where you're from or what you do for a living. Your friend and family and their opinions may not be so much about change, it may be more exposure. You have just had different experiences. People are people..some change, some don't. You sort of have to accept people for who they are. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't change and keep growing. If you can afford to, try moving out and getting your life back on track. Or if you can't because of money, then do what you can to eat right, exercise and try to stay happy. Make the most of your time. Explore your old town or outside the area.

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