My 30 years of servicing other mens wives.

As a young man raising a son that did not want a woman in the house so I as I was still a healthy stud with a rather big c*** I started running adds for s** and the old way took awhile because you couldn't leave a direct contact # you had to run it through the mail.
It took so long for my first response that I almost lost interest but when the contacts started every day I has several to answer but most of those were from people to far away or just flakes but I was getting p**** now and to my surprise it was mostly from lonely housewives looking for a quick sexual relief.
Then one day a guy contacted me about me f****** his wife so I did and so I changed my add and I have found out that it is much safer this way because if they get pregnant they are married so hey that happen to married couples and besides I kind of get a kick out of watching some guy jerking off as I f*** his old lady.
In a little over 30 years I have had hundreds of women and many experiences and one even were the husband and wife wanted to watch me s**** their teen daughter. Many times men have gone down on their wife after I have f***** her and at first that kind of sickened me but over time I have gotten used to it now and some of the guys have wanted to lick my c*** and b**** after I have screwed their wife and I have gotten used to that to.
My c*** is almost 8 inches long and thick and most women like it OK guys I am through now just wanted you to know how the other guy feels about a shared wife.


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  • How did you project yourself in the ad?

  • What do you mean about protecting myself ????

  • Most guys that can talk their wife into this are so anxious to see them do it they would be willing to pay me if they could afford to .
    I have a c*** longer than most at 7 abd 3/4 inches and it would tale long fingers to reach all the way around it.
    I have had some women tell me tht my c*** is the perfect size for thia and I can see envy in the eyes of the husbands when I let their wife lull my c*** out of my shorts and for some reason when they get it out they might stroke it a couple times but most of them suck it within minutes of seeing it.
    I like to watch the husband to when she is getting off damn I like this life.

  • I love you guys f****** my wife! Love to hear more,

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