Big mistake

I cheated last night, Not only stepped out on my marriage but stepped in on my friends, Way too much booze and somehow I ended up alone with him, I walked home the three blocks from their house with the knowledge that I just had full on s** with my good friends husband and he came inside me on their couch while she was passed out down the hall and my husband was at home.
I got home and of course being I was drunk my husband wanted to get laid and I couldn't think of a reason to get out of it so I did, I feel so terrible and I am so embarrassed not to mention scared of the possible life long fallout from one stupid mistake.


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  • I had a similar experience with two of our friends at a party my husband and I were at. I was 21 and inexperienced and my husband had passed out from drinking too much. I wasn't far from passing out when I was seduced by the first guy who gave me a quick panty aside f**king. The second was much more attentive, orally teasing me before pushing it into me. He was huge and it hurt but I can't help but think about it all the time.

  • So Was This The First Time You Have EverDone This And The truth Before All The Guilt Did You Enjoy F****** HIM CAUSE YOU MUST OF BEEN H**** AND WANT TO F***** COME ON ???

  • My experience when I felt guilty about doing the same thing you did was to confess to my spouse. WORST thing I have ever done. We didnt divorce over it, spouse was naturally hurt and then very p*****. For the next 10 years I was forever reminded of it, my home was now my prison and on forever probation.
    I finally escaped when I walked out and divorced.
    I say to you, if you feel bad about it, correct your behavior and move on with your life. No diss intended, females think they need to talk about everything or have to tell someone. Well no you don't and keep your mouth tight lipped.

  • Don't worry, if he isn't some dumb "white knight" or whimp, he'll find out. When he finds out, and it's not if but when in this case, you'll become one of less relevant things in his life, because other women will take your place. Enjoy the ride because of your "mistake". ;)

  • Your lucky. If your husband came in you then you don't have to worry about being knocked up.

    He will never know.

  • Don't overthink it. It was a fun adventure. keep it a secret. Stop being guilty for doing something natural. A drunken ONS is very different from an ongoing affair. Both my wife and I have given each other a hall pass for that.
    Super hot though about your husband f****** you after. You never know, he might actually be really into that - but that would take a long time to find out - dirty pillow talk etc

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