With my gf after her party

We have been to a party and on return late at night she went to her room next to mine with her bf and wasted no time at all - he was ploughing her. From inside my bedroom I could hear their bodies slamming together. He's moaning and groaning, having a great time, saying her name over and over and she was literally f****** screaming. I could feel they're both loving it. I knew what good s** sounds like. And so I sit against my bedroom door and I finger myself while I listened to my friend get f*****.
Only fingering my p**** was not enough for me. And so fifteen minutes or so later, I heard her bedroom door open and he leaves. I wait a couple of minutes, giving her chance to clean up and whatnot before I entered to her room. She's still lying on her bed, completely dazed and naked. I could see his c** on her thighs. I was still in my skirt but without a thong and crop top and OMG she winked at me with inviting eyes!
I told her how h**** it made me to hear her get f***** by his d*** and she thanked me and told me how much she enjoyed it. I sat on her bed with my legs open, showing my wet p**** beneath my skirt and I knew she's looking. I told her I was glad she enjoyed it so much, but if she really wants to thank me then I had another thing in mind. She tried to tell me that she's never been with a girl, that she's not interested in being with a girl, but just a few seconds later I was sitting over her face, separating my p**** lips and her tongue was buried inside my wet p****. She was lapping up my juices and it's dribbling over her chin. She's going at it like a f****** pro. I rode her face too, bobbing up and down, smothering my p**** into her face, loving it. She's got me moaning and saying her name now too! She kept on licking me, nibbling on my lips and c*** until I was gushing over her.

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