Being laid off when you get old and then trying to get anotherjob

I worked in a warehouse until I was 58. I was caught up in downsizing and got my old ass laid off. I got a job at another company supposedly doing similar work and they fired me after six weeks. I had no idea I was doing that bad and the termination caught me as a complete surprise. Fortunately, I got another job six months later eight miles from my house.

When I got fired I felt useless. The b**** that fired me was very straightforward when she said what amounted to I wasn't worth a damn.

I thought it was just me but a good friend my age also lost his job and be damned if he wasn't fired three times before he gave up and collected his social security. His wife was still employed.

What is it about old guys at your company? Aren't we worth helping?

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  • It always amazes me how old ppl find time to make up all these obnoxious ideas about what millennials do or say. Oh wait, you’re all unemployed losers at home with nothing to do, of course you have time :)

  • Oh shut up, child. You fragile flowers just can't take anyone else having life issues that you can't or won't relate to. You're not the first generation to ever have a hard time in this life, and if you can't accept that basic fact, you need to sit down.

    Good news, though! You are aging too. You'll probably be writing posts like this 30 years from now, and whatever comes after Gen Z is going to be just as dismissive as you're being now. Enjoy watching that day continue to creep up on you, slowly but inevitably :)

  • I'm the OP and the woman that fired me was no Millenial. She was a middle-aged woman old enough to be a Millenials mother.

  • Millennials are little f****** crying p******.
    You’re going downing in history as the laziest crying loneliest group of all time.
    Waste of c** b******

  • Agree! I’m 55 just left my company after 30 years from downsizing. It’s been hard trying to get back in the workforce. They are only looking for young college aged employees. I’ve even been told by this by hiring agencies who asked me not to repeat it( f*** it) I’m still in very good shape run exercise ride bike and weight lift 5 times a week. They see my age and move on.Sad thing is these people running all these corporations are the ones running them into the ground

  • And yet all you ever hear is whining from millennials about "waaah, I can't buy a huge new house and student loan debt and waaah".

    You want something to cry about, kids? Put down your gluten-free no-whip latte and log out of Snapchat, this might come as a shock: THERE ARE MANY PEOPLE DOING EXACTLY WHAT YOU'RE DOING, **WITHOUT** THE TWIN SAFETY NETS OF (RELATIVE) YOUTH AND INDULGENT PARENTS STILL BEING ALIVE. And yeah, many of us are still paying student loan debt too. When I say "exactly", that is what I mean. So shut your overprivileged carrot-cake holes!

  • It sucks getting old. No one values us anymore. eyesight gets worse. Less strength and agility. We have good skills to weigh things up and balance the ipeduous youth

  • It's not the point of any business to provide work for anyone: the business makes products or provides services. It's the purpose of the employees to furnish services to the company within that process, for a value that is in excess of its cost. You're just a profit-and-loss center, working on a cost-benefit basis. And if you're not adding to the bottom line every day just by being there, you are gone. Gone. They don't care (and shouldn't care) whether or not you're a good guy: they only care (and should only care) that you bring more into work than you take away from it. It's not a happy thought; it's just capitalism. Change your attitude about being helped, and start helping, or you're certainly going to get fired again. Nobody owes you s***, regardless of your age. Employment is not a romantic transaction: it's a dollars-and-cents measurement.

  • That's true.

    The other side of that coin is that the "almighty" employer can just keep his greasy sneaky nose out of my clocked-out life, including all social media. He can also forget about me coming in "just to help out" on my days off, unpaid overtime, putting up with his feral idiot children just because they're "the boss' kid", and anything else that is not strictly a business transaction while I'm earning my paycheck.

    Funny how most business owners, especially the more libertarian ones, seem to "forget" it cuts both ways. Maybe they need a little reminder.

  • That’s a little heartless

  • It's a little REAL, too. Sorry to burst your bubblewrap, muffin. Wait until you've actually experienced life a little.

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