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Last night in a parking lot of a coffee shop I was jerking off about 2am. In my truck. And these teo older woman surprised me by walking by my car. The second woman glanced in and sees me jerking it. I had the window cracked and she comes back and asks what I'm doing. I covered with my shirt say oh nothing. Just having a coffee. And she says let's have a see. And I lift up my shirt and show here my hard D***. I slowly start to j*** it against her friends comes to watch. I role down my window and they both lean in for a better look. Then the other girl starts urging me on. Telling me wants to see me finish. The other one unbuttons her shirt a bit and asks me if I like her big t***. I day I do as I j*** it faster. Then she says she wants to watch me c** in my own mouth. So I lean forward and shoot my load all over my face. I look up and as I do the second woman leans in and licks my own c** off my dripping lips.

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  • Awesome luck!

  • Awesome bullshit!

  • So f****** hot!

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