Cheating on my now ex girlfriend

So I was 24 at the time this all happened. I’ 27 now. We had been together since high school. We were talking about getting engaged and buying a house together. I was curious about being with a transsexual, for quite a while too. One Friday night after work I stayed out and got a hotel room in the city. I went on backpage and found someone. She was hosting at her place so I got ready and everything. I got to her place and she was just so warm and welcoming. I was nervous but she made me feel so comfortable. We go to her room and she starts kissing me all over and grabbing me and I started undressing her and sure as s*** she has a c*** 2x bigger then mine. She asks if I like it and I say yes. I got on my knees and put it in my mouth and began to suck and kiss it. It grew fast, she was almost 9 inches and it was thick like a soda can. I could barely swallow it. She f***** my face for about 10 minutes before turning me on my stomach and spreading my ass open. She poured lube all over and in me. She was toying and stretching my hole so nice. I felt her thrust into me after a few minutes. I moaned in pleasure and she began slowly but deeply f****** me. I needed a break after 10 minutes but she stopped only for a little. She f***** me for a good hour before c****** all over my face and mouth. And the fun didn’t stop there. She took a small break and went right back in me. This continued for the rest of the night. The next day we woke up and she wanted me to blow her so I did and she got it all on video. We continue to see each other still to this day. My girlfriend eventually found out about it and went berserk but it’s whatever. I enjoy bottoming for this woman so much more.

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  • Me too! I didn't think it was cheating being with a guy tranny. I had too much to drink and let me tell you about it, getting f**ked by a hottie in a schoolgirl skirt, ruffled panties with a d*ck twice as big as mine made me into his b*tch with pleasure.

  • I know right

  • Sounds like fun.

  • And s*** like this why I applauded when my boyfriends mom spanked his bare ass in front of me !! Guys need to start treating girls with more respect !!

  • Yeah. That's bullshit.

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