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My gf and I were on vacation. On the third day we spent the day at the beach. Drinking and sun and getting drunk. After a few more drinks for lunch we fumbled our way back to our suite. Lana went to the fridge for water. I grabbed the string on her bikini bottoms and off they came. She turned and pulled her top off exposing her tiny milky white t******. She’s so tiny and sexy. I pushed her to her knees and she pulled my c*** out. She looked and started sucking. Even very drunk she can make me so hard. I told her to play with herself. She has a beautiful p****. After a couple of I picked her up and she straddled me. I slipped right in. Her beautiful p**** took all my girth instantly. I carried her to the bedroom and laid her down. I started to pull out to get a condom but she pulled me back in. I joked and said as drunk as we are this is dangerous. Her response was to squeeze her t*** and pinch her nipples hard. I slammed back into her. I flipped her over and f***** her hard from behind like she likes. Being drunk I lasted a while. After however long we f***** I pumped and realized too late. I had just filled her p****. Deep in her p****. I jumped up and told her I came in her. She spun around and then smiled. Laying back she felt her p**** and said oops. Laughing. Foreign country and no plan B. The she said something that scared me sober and made me smile. My sexy gf said well if I’m pregnant I guess you’re going to have to tell your wife.

Aug 19, 2019

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  • Sounds like your GF will tell your wife even if you don't. Better get ahead of this. That way the issue will be settled one way or the other. Then you'll be free to rut with the GF and anyone else. Don't be ashamed of your biological imperative.

    Your message has been a while. How did things turn out?

  • Even if your GF isn't pregnant, tell your wife. Again, there'll be lots of screaming and gnashing of teeth, but in the end, she'll be thankful you brought her in early, rather than surprising her with a baby AND a girlfriend. More than anything, women want their significant others to be open with them. If you don't feel that you can tell your wife about this, should you still be married to her?

  • My take is....tell your wife. I've found that telling your wife about an outside-of-marriage pregnancy is a lot like childbirth itself. There's lots of yelling and screaming. But ultimately she'll learn to love the new child. It is half yours, and she loves you, right? Plus, and women rarely admit this, woman find the idea that another woman would be so infatuated with their husband that they'll have his baby, very hot. After her nerves settle down, you'll have some of the best s** of your marriage. And, in a competitive way, she may give you another child to boot. There are far more reasons to be honest than not. Don't hide it. Be sympathetic to her feelings. But as a man, you have to do what you have to do.

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