Make me fat

I would love to meet someone who would make me fat. Who would stuff me with fatty food constantly. Someone to watch the fat pile on my body and chastise me while feeding me another cupcake.

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  • That is very f***** up lol

  • Are you looking for a feeder are you male or female

  • A male and yes looking for a feeder

  • My wife this also, so I have gone along with it till she now weighs 540lbs and wants to gain more.

  • I'll be your feeder

  • :) thatd be awesome

  • I'm the opposite. I like to starve my girlfriend. If I catch her snacking without my permission I degrade her.

  • I already mention that this is just sick, if it has any truth in your statement. Anorexic girls and women, like 5'6" & 110-120 lbs, are just plain ugly. Chubby and curvy women are far more sexy and far better in bed and that's not just my opinion but opinion shared by most men.

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