Love it when guys check out my wife

My wife is fat, 5ft 3 and 230lbs bmi 37, with big belly and curves everywhere. Her clothes cling to her curvy fat body. I love it when out in town and guys check her body out

Aug 1

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My Wife is turning me into a fat guy

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  • You should build her a pen in the backyard with a trough for feeding her.. maybe put a ring in her nose.

    Have her use the pen for a bathroom. Go all the way with making her a real pig. Don’t let her bathe either. Maybe you can charge admission to see her and you could get rich.

    Let her ride in a trailer towed behind your car!

  • Dude my wife is 5’4 and 416 pounds! I win!

  • Can she walk?

  • I love big bellies

  • I’d vomit at the thought

  • Sounds like I'd be one of those guys

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