I probably shouldnt vent here

Idk y im saying anything here rly, i just wanted to get it off my chest.

For maybe 4 yrs now ive been dealing with mental health issues. My mom took me to see a psychiatrist but he really wasn’t helpful, he just gave me a few sheets with bubble fill ups of things along the lines of “sally feels this way, do you feel like it too”. He ended up saying i had depression and anxiety and giving me pills for it, i took them for a while with slight higher dosage changes every now and then but they never did anything now that i think of it.
Well besides making me shake and be really anxious when im off of them.
And when i finally said i wanted to get off of the meds because i “felt better” he just said “your cured!”.
I do have a therapist now thats really nice, and shes pretty helpful but i think i might need to go to another psychiatrist that takes me seriously and not like im a 5 yr old. I just want to understand whats wrong and how i can help myself accordingly. Its really taking over my life, and my therapist thinks i might be dissociating which was really scary to hear. I have a really hard time sleeping/ getting comfortable, and i wake up completely unrested which makes going to school and focusing really hard especially because school settings already throw my mood for a loop. And when i get home it doesnt get any better, i dont have friends at school and my mom works until late so im by myself from when i wake up to 8pm, its also really hard to make any friends because of trust issues..

In short i was just thinking if i went to a different psychiatrist they might take me seriously and actually have a talk with me about my deeper issues rather then giving me a little kids fill out sheet. I dont want to have to live in fear constantly.


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  • Become super passionate about something - art, music, running, walking etc. You don't even need to be any good at it - just focused.
    Doing something so intensely can naturally put you in a meditative state and you will able to sort through a lot on your own. I don't want to sound dismissive of your depression, it's just that there is so much you can do for yourself that few people encourage. Therapists, psychiatrists, doctors all have their part to play but real change and improvement results from effort you make yourself.

  • I hope you find the right one!!

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