Sharing my girlfriends nudes

Heyo, I’ve kinda been wanting to share my girlfriends nudes with a guy so that he can tell me all the things he would do to her. I’m a secret cuckold and I would love to just sit there and read all the things a stranger would do to her body. She is okay with it and doesn’t care but she doesn’t know I’m a cuckold. So please hit me up if you would like to see some nudes and tell me what you would do! Im not into kinks except daddy kink so no feet stuff or some wierd s*** like that haha!

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  • Share it with me

  • I can help you out.

  • Send me some and i will tell you what i will do to her. The more you send the more detail i can give you.

  • Would love to see

  • Please email me and i'll tell you what i would do with her.

  • Send me some pictures and I will send you comments that will make you c** like a p*** star!

  • Would love to see send to drangonriderwill@ protonmail. com

  • Let me see her.

  • I'd love to tell u

    I'll tell you everything i'd do to her.

  • Check your inbox

  • contact me

  • .....

  • Love to see them!

  • Yes please I'm sure I'd do a lot of things to her

  • Would love to see pix

  • I sent it to you, just reply the email with what you’d do. Thanks

  • Would love to see them.

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