MMF Thteesome

I was 24, my wife was 18. I had always wanted to watch her get f***** so decided we would have a 3some. We had a neighbor boy who since we mo ed there he had started hanging out at the house. He was a couple months shy of 16. I talked to her a few times about it and she finally said ok. I had never been attracted sexually to another male before but chose him cause he looked just like his younger sister and she was a little hottie. So the night came and he came over she was in a pair of panties and a harley tank top. We got started with her blowing him and damn that made me hard. Then we begz. Taking turns f****** her she must have had a dozen orgazms and then it happened. He I started sucking each other. I had never even thought about doing this before but it happened. He came in my mouth and me in his. We did this 3some 3 more times in the course of that month but he started coming over alot when she was gone. Then he would ask if I wanted to get naked and I would. About the 3rd time we were together alone he asked me to poke his ass. I tried but just couldn't do it but loved sucking him and his c**. I never had any sexual feelings for any other male just him. That went on for about 6 or 7 months then it just ended and I have never been with another male since or really desired to though I have kept that memory and replay it in my mind ever since when I j*******. I have kind of been feeling lately that I would like to find a young guy 18 - 23 or 24. Thin and smooth with about a 6 inch d*** and relive that s** again. Anyone here that meets those requirements willing. I am 64 now but the guy has to be young though not 15 this time. I j******* every day lay fantasizing about the s** back then



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  • My 46 year old wife sneaks off at around midnight to be with the younger neighbor 32 across the street
    I could sense they they both had the hots for each other. His wife would have no part of it. She started off sneaking when I feel asleep around midnight. She would get up to watch tv then sneak out to either our backyard or his. When I finally found out I told her I wasn’t upset.
    I just wanted the details. You see we went out as a couple one night to a country western bar as they had never been to a country dance hall before. After glancing over several times as we talked at the bathroom stall I noticed how thick and long his c*** was. I had never seen a c*** on soft so huge before.That night as me and wife made out I told her about him,
    She was turned on and asked me about his c*** and I asked her if she would ever let him have her and she moaned yesss.
    She would then invite him over while I was at work w/o me or his wife knowing.
    When I caught her sneaking out she admitted to being in love with his horse c***. Now I just allow her as long as she tells me how good he f**** her.
    For some reason he quit talking to me. Go figure

  • I am in my mid-40s and my hubby has some ED problem. He can only f*** me once a month or so. But I want it more often - at least once a week. We talked about our s** life in detail and he has been kind enough to allow one younger male into our s** life. He made that choice - a younger co-worker in his office, 28 yo. He has well endowed a c*** and we f*** for hours with multiple o******. Later on, in our bed I have to relate the fun to my hubby to get his erection to f*** me or suck his limp c*** to e**********. The arrangement suits us well.

  • Maybe she would like a 3 some and all can enjoy the 9”” c*** in some way or another. Spicy it up make her wear thong hose garder belt & high heels and both in thongs. Then fun on. Get it doneπŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ˜‡

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