Wife is sissfieing me slowly.

My wife is slowly turning me into a sissy. I have found some of the sissy sights she has been on. They tell how to turn your husband into a sissy cuckold. I was shaking as I read some of the stories and advice. I am very sexually aroused at reading other the other steps to making a sissy cuckold. I noticed that some of the things we do now. Such as me wearing panties and other female articles of clothing.
Stretching out her pu55y is something we have been doing for some time now. We continually get bigger and bigger didoes for her. She tells me she likes the feeling of being full since mine is small. She likes me to eat her out rather than try to f**k her. I think this is more so I will not know when she has been out having s** with a big c**ck. Looking back she has came home saying she is very wet and wants me to lick her out. I have done it noticing she is wetter to the point of dripping wet. Now I think she has had some studs c*m in her that I have been eating. I believe she has me as her c*ckold sissy husband for some time with out my realizing it. What a f***** I have become.



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  • Kill yourself.

  • Aaa....you liked it or you would have not read it.

  • OMG! That's almost exactly what has happened to me. I KNOW my wife f**** a black man with a huge c*** because she has shown me video of them f******. AND she loves to have me stretch her with huge d*****. I actually find the whole thing quite erotic, and don't mind not being able to have s** with her, because I have a mistress that I am cheating with.

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