Mother in law

I’ve become very passionate about having my mother in law Barbara Resnick put her p****y on my mouth just letting her f**k my face and just ramming her p****y for hours till she sweats and c*** all over my b**** over and over she sweats a lot she going they menopause but she so hot she makes my heart pound and my c**k wet πŸ’―πŸ˜©πŸ˜πŸ˜ˆ



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  • You're so full of s***. And what a f****** idiot listing someone's full name.

  • Post-menopausal women may often be too h**** as they do not run the risk of being pregnant. This woman, mother of my friend is like that. When he is away, I visit her on weekends and spend almost whole day playing with her body, even when she is cooking for me or do other works, yes, always naked. I get the signal when she ask me to lower my boxer and we go to her bed room. I am an avid p**** eater and concentrate on her p**** for hours while massage her ample b****. I take whole of her warm p**** into mouth and suck and suck and suck darting my tongue into the slit and stroking her erect c*** from time to time. She reaches waves of o****** that I could feel putting my palm on her vibrating abdomen. Last time I put in a peeled banana into her c*** and retrieved by my mouth as she reached climax and then f***** her deep and hard!

  • Wow, what a load of bullshit hahahaha

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