Well last Saturday night I got dress up in mini skirt pantyhose nice top. And my favorite 6 inch heels and went to this bar that is for gay lesbians and crossdressers and I got drink and sat at a table alone for a while than this older guy comes over and ask me if he could sit with me I said yes so we talk and dance. Then we left and came to place and and we sat on couch and talk found our he was straight and married and he just wanted to make out and f!!! a crossdresser so I told ok so I got down on my knees and started to s!!! his c!!! it grow to about 7 inches and so thick I could nearly get his head of his c*** in my mouth so I bent over and started in my ass I felt it stretching my ass hole open it felt so good I had a o***** rite away and he f!!!!! me what seamed like an hour but it felt so good and when he exploded in my ass I had the biggest o***** I thi k I ever had it felt so good and we did like 4 more times before he went. My ass was num but I loved it Yes he cummed in me every time and yes we exchanged numbers I love big ducks yummy

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  • This is my fantasy. Wish it would happen to me.

  • I've just started dressing up and meeting with other guys. I was so shy about it, I don't know if it's because I'm 18 and look so much younger and every time I meet with someone all they want is to f*ck me right away. The second man who I was with was way too big and talk about hurting. The weird thing was that after he came into me it started feeling good.

  • Darling you will love dressing for your lovers. I have been doing it for years, wearing my suspenders, stockings, silky knickers, a lovely bra and a lacy satin full slip. My old neighbour Jack adores me when I dress like this for him and when I prance around his bedroom in a pair of wedge heels as well, he just can't keep his hands off me. Jack is so well endowed, I know he takes V***** but no matter his p**** is lovely.
    He likes rolling around in or on the bed with me, kissing and caressing, sometimes for nearly the whole afternoon before he wants to take me. Then, OMG! he is such a great lover and when he c*** I feel every thrust of it and I'm sure that if I was a woman I would be pregnant by him now.

  • Very sexy!

  • Thank you

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